Inspect the Content of Target Database

If you disconnected from the EC2 instance, follow the instruction in Connect to the EC2 Instance section from the previous part to RDP to the instance.

  1. Once connected, open Oracle SQL Developer from within the EC2 server, and follow similar instructions to steps 9 to 11 to connect to the Target Oracle database using the following values:
Parameter Value
Connection Name Target Oracle
User Name dbmaster
Password dbmaster123
Save Password Check
Hostname < TargetOracleEndpoint>
Port 1521
SID/Service Name TargetDB


  1. Inspect the migrated data, by querying one of the tables in the target database. For example, the following query should return a table with two rows:
FROM dbmaster.sport_type;


Baseball, and football are the only two sports that are currently listed in this table. In the next section you will insert several new records to the source database with information about other sport types. DMS will automatically replicate these new records from the source database to the target database.