Convert the Schema

Now that you have created a new Database Migration Project, the next step is to convert the SQL Server schema of the source database to the Amazon Aurora.

  1. Click on the View button, and choose Assessment Report view.


  2. Next, navigate to the Action Items tab in the report to see the items that the tool could not convert, and find out how much manual changes you need to make.


AWS SCT analyses the schema and creates a database migration assessment report for the conversion to Aurora MySQL. Items with a blue mark next to them cannot be directly translated from the source to the target. In this case, this includes the stored procedures. For each conversion issue, you can complete one of the following actions:

  1. Modify the objects on the source SQL Server database so that AWS SCT can convert the objects to the target Aurora MySQL database.
  2. Instead of modifying the source schema, modify scripts that AWS SCT generates before applying the scripts on the target Aurora MySQL database.

For the sake of time, we skip modifying all the objects that could not be automatically converted. Instead, as an example, you will manually modify one of the stored procedures from within SCT to make it compatible with the target database.