Connect to the EC2 Instance

  1. Go to the AWS EC2 console and click on Instances in the left column.


  2. Select the instance with the name <StackName>-EC2Instance and then click the Actions button. Click on Connect.


  3. Go to the RDP client section, and click on Get Password.


  4. Click on Browse and upload the Key Pair file that you downloaded earlier.

  5. Click on Decrypt Password.


  6. Copy the generated password to your notepad. You will use this password to connect to login to the EC2 instance.


  7. Click on Download Remote Desktop File to download the RDP file to access this EC2 instance.

  8. Connect to the EC2 instance using a RDP client.

  9. Once connected, open SQL Server Management Studio from the Start Menu.


  10. Use the following values to connect to your source database.

    Parameter Value
    Server Type Database Engine
    Server Name localhost
    Authorization Windows Authentication