Create a DMS Replication Instance

The following illustration shows a high-level view of the migration process.


An AWS DMS replication instance performs the actual data migration between source and target. The replication instance also caches the transaction logs during the migration. The amount of CPU and memory capacity of a replication instance influences the overall time that is required for the migration.

  1. Navigate to the Database Migration Service (DMS) console.

  2. On the left-hand menu click on Replication Instances. This will launch the Replication instance screen.

  3. Click on the Create replication instance button on the top right side.


  4. Enter the following information for the Replication Instance. Then, click on the Create button.

    Parameter Value
    Name DMSReplication
    Description Replication server for Database Migration
    Instance Class dms.c4.xlarge
    Engine version Leave the default value
    Allocated storage (GB) 50
    VPC <VPC ID from Environment Setup Step>
    Multi-AZ No
    Publicly accessible No
    Advanced -> VPC Security Group(s) default


Creating replication instance will take several minutes. While waiting for the replication instance to be created, you can specify the source and target database endpoints in the next steps. However, test connectivity only after the replication instance has been created, because the replication instance is used in the connection.